iOn is different. 

More than 30+ years of research has led to a completely new approach to skincare. We offer the only products on the market that utilize our patented DII® Technology to remove excess iron from the skin’s surface before it has a chance to oxidize and for free radicals to form. Skin that isn’t spending energy fighting off the damaging effects of free radicals are able to repair, rebuild, and reinforce. iOn skincare is different. 

DII® Technology

Given what we already know about the negative effects of excess iron - and the abundant presence of post-menopausal skin - our patented DII® technology utilizes a 2-step process to “release” iron, making it available for exfoliation, and remove it with a natural calcium carbonate. 

iOn is elemental.

Our products are made with natural ingredients to provide an effective cleansing and hydrating process, while being gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin;

1.) Cleanse

iOn Gentle Deep Pore cleanser harnesses the power of hinokitiol and kojic acid to provide a gentle, lightweight complex with a luxurious foaming effect that leaves skin soft, clean, and invigorated.

2.) Hydrate

iOn Age Disrupting Skin Cream and Skin Emulsion provide superior hydration along with Portulaca Oleracea Extract, an herb with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties to support even the most sensitive skin. 

3.) Protect

Naturally-Derived Olive-based Squalane, found in our Skin Cream, Emulsion, and Total Performance Eye Cream, provides the skin with an additional moisture barrier.

It only gets better. 

The benefits of iOn skincare are immediately apparent, providing a softer look and feel to the skin with the first application. Our clinical trials boast an unprecedented 100% satisfaction over a 42-day trial period. The sustained improvement with continued use will keep customers coming back for softer, brighter, better skin. 

Show, then tell. 

Our demo kits are available at [price point, x% less than wholesale/retail], designed to offer your customers the luxurious experience of iOn skincare, so they don’t just have to take your word for it. 

Get started. 

Get in touch with us today. Our dedicated team offers constant support for our clients. iOn offers our full range of products in [packs of 6, at 50% retail]. Fill out the contact form below to get started with us today. 


"As an esthetician, I’m very excited about this product! I read the white papers and I've never before thought of the idea of removing excess iron from the skin. It's a revolutionary concept in the science of skincare. Recently, I was speaking with my nurse injector who said she tries to be very careful not to bruise patients (when giving injectables) because the iron from the bruise can stain the skin! I actually did end up getting a small bruise and used this cream (after waiting 2-3 days post procedure). Upon waking the next morning, the bruise was completely gone. Normally this would have taken at least a week to heal. This cream really does work!"
- Lauren S.

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