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Innovation Timeline

Today, i-On By Dr. Xi represents the culmination of these key milestones in scientific exploration. With its innovative approach to excess iron removal and collagen preservation, i-On By Dr. Xi promises to revolutionize beauty, wellness, and longevity, offering a transformative solution for individuals seeking ageless radiance and vitality.


1894: H.J.H Fenton's Groundbreaking Insight into Oxidative Damage and I-On By Dr. Xi’s ® Innovation

In 1894, H.J.H Fenton introduced a groundbreaking discovery: iron prompts the creation of harmful hydroxyl free radicals, sparking oxidative damage. This simple finding revolutionized our comprehension of iron's role in biology and its impact on health and disease.


1965: L.R. Weintraub's Discovery and i-On By Dr. Xi's® Skincare Revolution

Through the years of studying human biology, every discovery adds a new level to our understanding. One such revelation came in 1965 when L.R. Weintraub uncovered a startling fact: two-thirds of the body's iron is excreted through the skin, leaving it vulnerable to oxidative damage. This insight reshaped our understanding of iron metabolism and its implications for health.


1986: R. G Stevens Unveils Iron's Impact on Cancer Risk and Overall Wellness

In the realm of scientific discovery, each breakthrough builds upon the last, shaping our understanding of health and wellness. In 1986, R.G. Stevens unveiled a significant finding: increased iron stores heighten the risk of cancer, shedding light on iron's pivotal role in health and disease.


1994: Dr. Xi's Discovery Revolutionizing Respiratory Health

In 1994, Dr. Xi unveiled a groundbreaking finding that would have far-reaching implications for respiratory wellness: identifying calcite (CaCO3) as a preventive factor in iron-containing coal dust-induced black lung disease.


1999: C. Pourzand Links Iron Photoaging to Sunspots and Dr. Xi's Breakthrough

In 1999, C. Pourzand made a significant breakthrough, revealing a startling connection between UVA radiation, iron oxidation, and the formation of sunspots. This pivotal discovery not only deepened our understanding of photoaging but also paved the way for transformative advancements in skincare, including Dr. Xi's groundbreaking De-Ironizing Inducer (DII®) technology.


2004: E. Nemeth Discovers Iron's Control Center

In 2004, E. Nemeth's groundbreaking discovery of hepcidin—a master regulator of iron homeostasis (balance)—shed light on the intricate mechanisms governing iron balance within the body. This pivotal revelation not only deepened our understanding of iron metabolism but also paved the way for transformative advancements in addressing inflamm-aging, including iron overload anemia, also known as anemia of chronic inflammation.


2011: Unlocking the Secrets: Iron, UVA, and Postmenopausal Skin Aging

In 2011, Dr. Xi embarked on a groundbreaking investigation that illuminated the intricate interplay between iron metabolism, UVA radiation, and postmenopausal skin aging. Let's embark on a journey through this seminal study, delving into the molecular mechanisms that govern our skin's response to the passage of time.


2021: Unveiling the Future of Beauty and Wellness: i-On By Dr. Xi

In the vast expanse of scientific discovery, the journey towards wellness and longevity is marked by milestones that illuminate the path forward. From the groundbreaking insights of H.J.H Fenton in 1894 to the pioneering discoveries of Dr. Xi in 2011, each revelation has played a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of aging and unlocking the secrets of timeless vitality.