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Discover the i-On By Dr. Xi® Journey

At i-On By Dr. Xi, we're dedicated to empowering everyone to discover their optimal selves. Our mission is to tackle the often-overlooked issue of excess iron —a secret culprit in the aging process and a key factor in physical decline. We're here to provide you with the tools to challenge aging head-on, offering a roadmap to a life filled with vitality, longevity, and unparalleled well-being through cutting-edge biotech innovations. Beyond offering skincare solutions, we're leading a revolution that redefines aging as a choice, not a fate.

Unveiling the Truth About Essential Iron

For too long, the misconception that "more iron means better health" has led us astray from understanding the importance of balance. During our formative years, our bodies efficiently manage iron levels, promoting vitality and optimal function. This delicate equilibrium supports essential bodily functions, including the performance of our red blood cells, enzymes, and internal regulatory systems, laying the groundwork for robust health and boundless energy.

The Challenge of Excess Iron

However, when our body's iron storage system, ferritin, accumulates excess iron, it becomes a trigger for oxidative stress and subsequent cellular damage, characterized by the overproduction of harmful reactive oxygen species (aka free radicals). This not only accelerates skin aging but also undermines our overall health.

Examining Health in the USA

Despite its prosperity, the United States trails behind other affluent nations in health outcomes. This gap persists across all socioeconomic levels, indicating that even the most privileged Americans face worse health conditions compared to their counterparts abroad. A contributing factor to this disparity could be the nation's emphasis on iron fortification in processed foods, leading to excess iron in the population. With iron deficiency now affecting only a small percentage of the population, we must ask: Is it justifiable to compromise the well-being of the majority for a problem affecting a minority?

Our Vision for Change

At i-On By Dr. Xi, we're committed to igniting a transformative movement through education and dialogue. We're collaborating with influential thought leaders, editors, influencers, and professionals at pivotal conferences, presenting compelling evidence of the impact of excess iron on both beauty and health.

Embrace the future of skincare with De-Ironizing Inducer (DII®) technology. It's not just an alternative; it's the answer to lasting beauty and wellness. Transform your skin care routine from reactive to revolutionary.

Our Mission is Clear

To unleash the full potential of human health by addressing excess iron, the secret culprit behind aging and bodily dysfunction. We aim to demystify iron balance, paving the way for improved health, beauty, and vitality from within. Join us on this groundbreaking journey toward a future where you control the passage of time.