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Revolutionary DII® Technology redefines what skincare can do.

Visibly softer, smoother, brighter skin in 14 days or less.

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Revolutionary technology, radiant skin.

Watch your fine lines soften, discoloration fade and dullness illuminate—thanks to age-disrupting DII® technology.

Featured in The Beauty Independent: “DII technology is the biggest scientific breakthrough since retinol.” ~Joe Gubernick, The Pioneer of Cosmetic Retinoids

The De-Ironizing Inducer® is our patented technology created by Dr. Xi, the leading researcher in iron’s effects on skin. A brilliant blend of vitamin C and pearl powder, it’s the secret to removing excess iron from your skin’s surface.

It’s not you. It’s iron overload.

The proof is in the research: Excess iron contributes to premature skin aging. Right now, iron is emerging on your skin’s surface. It’s interacting with UVA rays, creating free radicals that lead to visible fine lines, dark circles and sun spots. As your periods wind down, this process speeds up. 

But that’s about to change. You’ve found the world’s first anti-aging skincare for your 40s (and beyond!) that safely exfoliates excess iron. While other products target free radicals, our products use revolutionary technology to help inhibit their formation in the first place.  

That’s what makes i-On the best skincare products for menopause, clinically proven to reveal smooth, even-toned skin within days.

benefits of iOn Skincare benefits of iOn Skincare
a hand holding iOn Skincare product
Silky-smooth day time face moisturizer
Hydrate your skin, create a smooth base for makeup, and watch your skin become brighter and more even-toned.
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iOn Skincare products
Rich, hydrating night cream
Restore moisture, support your skin’s barrier, and watch fine lines soften and hyperpigmentation fade.
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Love It!

I love the i-On skin cream. It goes in so smoothly and isn’t greasy at all. Hope they come out with one with sunscreen soon.

Kip O.
Age Disrupting Skin Cream

Super Light

Love how light it is and the finish it leaves on my skin. Would like to see a product with an SPF next....

Ginnyu C.
Age Disrupting Skin Emulsion

After two months, seems best product

I wanted to give this time to really know. I definitely like what I see in the mirror. It works better than anything else I have used.

Corinne B.
Age Disrupting Eye Cream

Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser:

This is a Fantastic cleanser because it is gentle and easy to rinse. My skin felt clean!

Ingrid C.
Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser

Love It

Best skin cream out there. My esthetician even noticed a change in fine lines. Worth every penny.

Royce L.
Age Disrupting Skin Cream
benefits of iOn Skincare
Softer and More Hydrated
Skin in Two Weeks


Prepare for compliments. 

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