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Scientist Formulated

30+ years of research

3rd party tested

Clinically Validated

Patented Technology

Unique formulation developed over 7+ years with chemically incompatible ingredients

Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals

i-On By Dr. Xi® Stands Out With Its Patented DII® Technology,

Uniquely targeting excess iron on the skin's surface. While other skincare products focus on cosmetic concerns, our formulations prioritize skin health. By reducing oxidative stress and promoting overall wellness, i-On By Dr. Xi stands out with its patented De-Ironizing Inducer (DII) Technology that offers a proactive approach to skincare, ensuring a cleaner, healthier complexion.

Our Science

Over time, our bodies accumulate and store excess iron. This secret villain oxidizes your skin cells, unleashing free radicals that fuel wrinkles, dullness, and age spots. But unlike conventional creams, i-On By Dr. Xi offers a precision solution: De-Ironizing Inducing (DII) technology

Forget the endless chase of fleeting trends and temporary solutions.

i-On by Dr. Xi is a bio-tech revolution rewriting the script of aging. We address the secret enemy within: excess iron.

Why isn't everyone talking about Iron? Probably because we know too little iron is bad for us, but too much must be ok - right? Actually no, that's not right at all and too much iron is the secret aging accelerator damaging your skin health.

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Patented DII Technology:

Your Skin’s Bio-Tech Shield

Imagine a cutting-edge shield, forged from 30+ years of Dr. Xi's scientific brilliance. DII doesn't fight aging's effects; it neutralizes the cause at its core. DII gently binds and escorts excess iron from your skin before it can wreak havoc. Think of it as an internal detox, unlocking your skin's vibrant rejuvenation potential.

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Healing The Past, Securing The Future:

The power of DII goes beyond its present action. It repairs past damage caused by iron-fueled free radicals, smoothing lines, erasing dark spots, and restoring elasticity. Simultaneously, it acts as a vigilant guard, preventing future attacks and offering both restorative and preventative benefits. It's never too soon or too late to claim your skin's ageless potential with i-On By Dr. Xi.

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What is Ferritin, and why is it essential for you to know about it?

Ferritin, a protein in all of us, has critical importance to your own health and longevity – including skin aging.

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Treat yourself to high-performance skincare today and rewrite your skin story.

What Customers Are Saying

Helped heal my skin. My skin seemed to be bumpy and rough.This product softened my face and healed most of the bumps on my skin and made it smoother in just 5 days. Glad I tried it. I absolutely love the cleanser. Does not dry out my skin.

Carol R.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I got the sample and never want to be without it now. My skin looked better after the first night. Smoother, tighter, glowing. I have ordered both the skin and eye cream. It is a game changer as far as I'm concerned. I'm 62....creeping up on 63. BTW--a little goes a LONG way.

Mindy E.

Loved this product. I have some very deep wrinkles around my mouth that showed little improvement, but overall, my skin tone seems more even and feels soft and plump after two week trial.

Birgit A.

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