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Meet Dr. Xi

The Journey to i-On By Dr. Xi

Dr. Xi's story is one of transformative discovery and unwavering dedication to beauty and wellness. Initially rooted in the realm of occupational medicine, Dr. Xi's journey took a remarkable turn towards unveiling the secrets of beauty and longevity.

Bridging Gaps in Women's Health Research

Dr. Xi's journey began with a crucial realization: while extensive attention was given to the various risk factors associated with coal components in the examination of conditions like Black Lung Disease among miners, the exploration of women's health predominantly revolved around hormonal shifts, particularly estrogen fluctuations. This observation fueled Dr. Xi's determination to broaden the scope of women's health research beyond hormonal dynamics. His commitment to addressing this gap led him on a path dedicated to improving the well-being of women across all phases of life.

Embracing Renewal: Dr. Xi's Perspective on Midlife Transition

Dr. Xi embraced midlife transition as an opportunity for renewal rather than an endpoint, challenging the societal taboo surrounding this natural phase. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the positives during this time, shifting the conversation away from mere hormonal changes to a more holistic appreciation of the entire experience.

Iron: The Key to Skin Health and Overall Wellness

Exploring the captivating realm of iron, a subject he dedicated over three decades to studying, Dr. Xi unearthed its pivotal role in skin health and overall well-being. Through meticulous research, he uncovered a link between excess iron and the aging process. This revelation marked a significant breakthrough, highlighting how conventional approaches such as hormone replacement therapy often overlook symptoms associated with midlife transitions, while also emphasizing the impact of excess iron on the aging and wellness of individuals across the board.

The Birth of i-On By Dr. Xi®: Merging Innovation with Beauty and Health

Motivated by his discovery, Dr. Xi embarked on an innovative entrepreneurial path, leading to the creation of i-On By Dr. Xi. This avant-garde skincare collection merges the benefits of vitamin C and Pearl Powder (calcite) to reimagine beauty as a transformative experience. Beyond aesthetic enhancement, Dr. Xi's research identified ways to foster health and extend life by correcting the imbalance of excess iron in the body. Applying the same principles of iron reduction and release from ferritin, his iron rebalancing supplement - launching soon - introduces the first straightforward and safe method to help maintain iron equilibrium in the body, enhancing energy levels and alleviating discomfort.

i-On by Dr. Xi isn't just about surface-level beauty; it's about unlocking the hidden potential of essential elements like iron to create a brighter, healthier future for your skin and overall health. It represents a testament to Dr. Xi's passion for enhancing beauty and wellness and his commitment to continuous innovation.

About Dr. Xi: Founder & President, FE:I Beauty Tech, Inc.

Xi Huang, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. is the founder and president of FE:I Beauty Tech, Inc., the parent company of i-On By Dr. Xi, a groundbreaking new beauty brand featuring proprietary age-disrupting technology stemming from over three decades of research.

With work credited in more than 80 publications, Dr. Xi is one of the world’s leading researchers on the role of iron in beauty and health.

Dr. Xi's early work—for which he earned master’s and PhD degrees in toxicology and applied pharmacology at the Université Paris VII—focused on environmental and occupational medicine in which he identified bioavailable iron in coals as a major active compound in black lung disease. It is in this work that Dr. Xi made the important discovery that calcite naturally found in certain coals, such as those from Utah and Colorado, inhibits the bioavailability of iron, resulting in lower incidence of black lung disease. This discovery of a compound able to safely inhibit the harmful effects of iron helped lead to the creation of DII® technology.

In addition to leading FE:I Beauty Tech, Dr. Xi is an active participant in the research and innovation communities. He has been a reviewer for more than 30 peer-reviewed journals, including the Lancet, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and Cancer Research. Dr. Xi also designs and instructs advanced courses on the management and hazards of iron, alongside cell signaling and responses to environmental stressors and gives lectures at various professional societies.