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Discover the power of DII®

What is DII®?

DII stands for De-Ironizing Inducer, a revolutionary technology crafted by Dr. Xi to purify your skin by eliminating excess iron. This patented innovation targets the iron stored within ferritin, a protein that hoards iron far beyond what's beneficial, potentially releasing vast amounts to accelerate skin aging. Unlike the beneficial iron in hemoglobin, excess iron can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and uneven skin tone.

How DII Transforms Your Skin

DII combines stabilized vitamin C with natural pearl powder to create a powerful duo that addresses excess iron directly. Vitamin C liberates iron from ferritin, while pearl powder—a gentle form of calcium carbonate—absorbs it. This unique formulation not only cleanses the skin of excess iron but also shields it until the next wash, all in a luxurious, airless package that ensures lasting efficacy.

DII vs. Antioxidants

While antioxidants are busy neutralizing free radicals that have already formed, this is like gardeners pulling weeds once they've sprouted, DII operates differently by tackling the underlying cause. It removes the excess iron that fuels these damaging agents. Envision your skin as a flourishing garden: if antioxidants are the gardeners who deal with weeds after they appear, then DII acts as a protective net laid under the soil. This invisible shield effectively blocks weeds from ever taking root, ensuring your garden remains beautifully untouched and effortlessly vibrant.

DII vs. Chelation

Chelation therapy, often discussed for its potential to remove metals, falls short when it comes to extracting iron from ferritin. Common chelators like kojic acid and green tea extract might address surface issues but struggle to reach the deeper problem. DII, however, acts as a specialized tool that not only cleanses the surface but also draws out and neutralizes the hidden sources of damage, ensuring a thorough and proactive defense against skin aging.

The Real Secret to Youthful Skin

The journey to youthful, vibrant skin isn't about adding more; it's about smart subtraction. DII isn't just another addition to your skincare routine—it's a fundamental shift towards truly healthy skin. By choosing DII, you're opting for a scientifically sound, proactive approach to beauty, focusing on the removal of harmful excess iron rather than just masking its effects.

Embrace the future of skincare with DII. It's not just an alternative; it's the answer to lasting beauty and wellness. Transform your skin care routine from reactive to revolutionary.

How are i-On By Dr. Xi® products different from other skincare products?

i-On By Dr. Xi stands out as a unique skincare line dedicated to effectively addressing excess iron on the skin's surface, thereby supporting skin health and vitality. Extensive research has illuminated the role of iron in the generation of free radicals associated with various skin concerns and visible signs of aging.

While many skincare products target common signs of aging, i-On By Dr. Xi products feature patented De-Ironizing Inducer (DII) technology, which helps mitigate oxidative stress. By reducing the formation of free radicals, our products offer a proactive approach to skincare, distinguishing us from conventional anti-aging solutions.

What truly sets DII apart is its efficacy supported by clinical studies. Initially, our products may appear similar to others aimed at improving skin appearance. However, the real difference lies in our formulations' ability to promote skin health alongside cosmetic benefits. Our products contribute to a cleaner and healthier skin environment, without the need for continuous intervention. Additionally, individuals facing environmental stressors such as pollution or excessive sun exposure can benefit from using i-On By Dr. Xi products, which not only enhance appearance but also support overall skin wellness.