Scientific History

More than 125 years of research shows that iron produces harmful free radicals that can contribute to a number of disease states as well as the visible signs of skin aging.


Iron promotes the formation of hydroxyl free radicals. Iron causes oxidative damage to proteins, lipids, and DNA in cells, Tissues and organs

L.R. Weintraub

Iron is excreted through skin exfoliation, making skin susceptible to oxidative damage

R.G. Stevens

Increased iron stores increase the risk of cancer

X. Huang

Bioavailable iron in mixed coal dusts is identified as an active compound in inducing black lung disease

C. Pourzand

Ultraviolet A (UVA) causes oxidation by degrading ferritin; UVA-mediated skin photoaging is caused by iron released from ferritin

X. Huang

Iron and UVA work together to enhance collagenase-1 activity, which leads to wrinkle formation and skin thinning

Results: The Rust is History. Your skin functions more youthfully.


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