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The Science

Navigating the world of skincare can be a cycle of trial and error, with promises of youth and radiance often falling short. Antioxidants have long been the only tool in the toolbox for anti-aging, but what if the secret to truly vibrant skin lies deeper? We believe no one should settle for anything less than remarkable results.

Does your skin feel betrayed by makeup that only amplifies uneven tone or age spots upon removal? Have you noticed an increased sensitivity to sunlight with each passing year, or sudden dryness and thinning that seemed to appear overnight? Perhaps you've been battling with melasma or other visible signs of aging that crept up subtly but surely. It's time to pause and reconsider—could the antioxidant narrative be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle?

Introducing Iron - the secret aging accelerator

Despite being vital for health, when iron lingers on our skin, it catalyzes a cascade of reactions that can age us from the outside in. Iron residue outstays its welcome, persisting for well over two months on our skin, far beyond our 26-day cellular turnover rate. This lingering presence acts as a beacon for oxidants, particularly when compounded by the iron oxides found in many makeup products. Chances are, if you’re using any sort of color on your skin, it contains iron oxides.

As we age, particularly during and after life's milestones like pregnancy or menopause, our skin's iron content naturally rises, leaving us more susceptible to the ravages of free radicals. These reactive molecules are known to accelerate the aging process, manifesting as wrinkles, thinning skin, and dark spots—all exacerbated under the sun's rays.

Imagine a skincare routine where every morning reveals fewer signs of aging.

Your reflection shows diminished wrinkles and dark circles, a complexion that's even and radiant. Your touch confirms it—your skin is more hydrated, plumper, and robustly defended against the elements. This isn't a temporary fix; it's a commitment to lasting health and beauty.

At i-On By Dr. Xi®, we're pioneering a new philosophy:

Skincare shouldn't just be about adding layers but stripping back the unnecessary.

Why fight a losing battle with antioxidants when you can prevent the war altogether? Our innovative approach focuses on removing excess iron from the outer layers of the skin, cutting off the cascade of oxidation at its source. The result? A transformation that goes beyond surface-level to foster truly healthy, resilient skin.

How does it work? Learn about our patented DII technology.