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Unveiling the Power of DII® Technology:

Rigorous Science Reveals Transformative Skin Benefits.

At i-On By Dr. Xi®, we're not just passionate about transforming skin - we're obsessed with providing a compelling case for De-Ironizing Inducer (DII®) Technology’s disruptive potential to combat the visible signs of aging. This is why we employ a five-pronged scientific arsenal that leaves no stone unturned in quantifying efficacy and mitigating risk. In a market saturated with claims, our unwavering commitment to comprehensive clinical validation sets i-On By Dr. Xi leagues apart.

Unleashing the Power of DII Technology:

DII® Technology's revolutionary approach targets EXCESS IRON, a fundamental source of skin aging that causes wrinkles, dark spots, dullness and dehydration. Through its unique mechanism, DII® Technology helps:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhance skin elasticity and firmness
  • Boost skin brightness and even out tone
  • Diminish redness and visible signs of sun damage

Our Five-Pronged Approach to Unbiased Evaluation:

  1. Subjective User Experience: We value the real-world feedback of consumers. Self-assessments capture the immediate and sustained impact of DII Technology on user experience, informing product refinement and providing a vital counterpoint to quantitative measures.
  2. Independent Expert Grading: To remove subjectivity, a team of three experts objectively assesses skin changes at key intervals. Their evaluations solidify the tangible effects of DII Technology on skin clarity, elasticity, and tone.
  3. Instrumental Measurements for Quantitative Insights: Beyond subjective experiences, advanced equipment like cutometers and novameters quantify changes in elasticity, firmness, and hydration, providing irrefutable data points on DII Technology's effectiveness.
  4. High-Resolution Photography: Before-and-after photos showcase the undeniable impact of DII Technology on skin appearance. This visual storytelling powerfully demonstrates the transformative potential of our technology.
  5. Laboratory Validation of DII Technology's Core Mechanism: Color reaction and fluorescence techniques visually demonstrate iron removal for each product batch. These tests solidify the scientific foundation for our claims by proving DII Technology addresses the root cause of iron-driven aging.

Unlocking Your Skin's Radiance: i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream Reveals Its Iron-Fighting Power

Ever wonder why sun-kissed skin can sometimes turn sun-damaged? It's all about iron! This sneaky mineral builds up in your skin over time, especially from UV rays, and fuels wrinkles, dullness, and loss of elasticity. But there's good news: i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream has a secret weapon called DII Technology, and it's ready to take on this iron villain. We performed 2 scientific tests:

So, what does this mean for you?

i-On by Dr. Xi® Age Disrupting Skin Cream can help your skin fight back against the iron-fueled signs of aging. It's like giving your skin a tiny iron vacuum, cleaning up the mess and letting your natural radiance shine through.

  • Potentially brighter, firmer, younger-looking skin: By tackling the root cause of iron-driven aging, i-On by Dr. Xi® Age Disrupting Skin Cream could be the key to unlocking a more radiant, youthful complexion.

  • Targeted skincare for real results: This isn't just another generic moisturizer. i-On by Dr. Xi® is designed to understand and address a specific skin concern: iron buildup. This targeted approach could lead to more noticeable and lasting effects.

  • Exciting future for skincare: With i-On by Dr. Xi’® scientific achievements paving the way, we expect to introduce additional future breakthroughs in the fight against aging.  i-On by Dr. Xi’s is the first step towards a future where we truly have control over our skin's health and beauty.
Hydrating Harmony:

i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream Unites on Softness and Suppleness

The Age Disrupting Skin Cream delivers instant and sustained improvements in skin softness and suppleness, as confirmed by both user experience and objective data.

Initially, after 7 days,  and through the end of the study period, 100% of participants reported softer and more hydrated skin.

Skin Hydration Soars

Objective Data Confirms Subjective Perceptions:

Independent Novameter measurements backed up user claims of enhanced hydration.

While everyone experienced improved hydration, the magnitude varied, with some users seeing up to 120% increase – a testament to the cream's personalized effectiveness.

Skin Health Soars:

Subjective Perceptions Take Flight

Measuring perceived skin health through expert grading or bio-instruments presents a challenge due to its inherently subjective nature. However, the unanimous agreement at day 42 speaks volumes, offering a powerful indicator of i-On By Dr. Xi's effectiveness.

Objective Healing Power:

i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream Shows Promise in Minimizing Sun-Induced Skin Effects

Recent research has found that sunlight can harm our skin because of the iron in our skin. Our product, the i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream tackles this problem head-on. It works by capturing and removing the iron that can cause damage after being in the sun, helping the skin heal much quicker. In tests, skin issues like sunburn caused by sunlight (both UVA and UVB rays) were soothed in just one day with our cream. Without it, the same healing process took up to ten days.

Fading Lines, Rising Confidence:

i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream Combats Visible Signs of Aging

By day 28, a remarkable 77% of users reported reduced lines and wrinkles, solidifying the Age Disrupting Cream’s effectiveness. This trend culminated in an impressive 84% agreement at day 42, showcasing near-universal satisfaction with the cream's ability to visibly combat aging.

Objective Evidence Confirms Subjective Perceptions:

i-On By Dr. Xi Smooths Lines and Wrinkles

These 2 charts paint a compelling picture of the Age Disrupting Cream's ability to objectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles, corroborating the positive perceptions reported by users:

By day 42, average reductions reached 57% for fine lines and 56% for wrinkles, demonstrating the cream's sustained impact. Notably, individual results showcased even greater improvements, with some participants experiencing reductions of up to 83% for fine lines and wrinkles.

Seeing is Believing:

i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream Wrinkles Vanish in Photos

The Age Disrupting Skin Cream doesn't just claim to reduce wrinkles, it visually proves it.

High-tech photography, meticulously controlled for accuracy, reveals an average wrinkle reduction of up to 68% over 42 days, corroborating the positive trends seen in expert grading.

Examples of High Resolution Scientifically Matched Photography Showing Wrinkle Reduction

Subject experienced a remarkable 94.5% wrinkle improvement by day 42:
Subject saw a consistent reduction exceeding 85% throughout the study:
Glowing Skin and Even Tones:

i-On By Dr. Xi Unveils Radiant Beauty

These 2 charts paint a luminous picture of i-On By Dr. Xi’s impact on skin brightness and evenness of tone:

By day 42, 100% reported brighter looking skin and 87% found skin to be more even toned highlighting i-On By Xi’s effectiveness in addressing concerns about uneven pigmentation and discoloration.

Beyond Perception, Proof:

i-On By Dr. Xi Unveils Measurable Luminosity

i-On By Dr. Xi's ability to objectively enhance skin brightness is confirmed  through expert analysis and high-resolution photography:

By day 42, average skin brightness improved by 66% while some participants experienced 100% improvement as determined by expert grading.

From Perception to Proof:

i-On by Dr. Xi Illuminates Skin Brightness

High resolution scientifically matched photography and photographic time studies paint a compelling picture of i-On By Dr. Xi's ability to enhance skin brightness, not just in user perception but also in objective data.

From day 3 onwards, brightness steadily increased, reaching a statistically significant average of 30% by day 42. This confirms the subjective reports of users experiencing a brighter glow.

Example of High Resolution Scientifically Matched Photography Showing Skin Color Lightening

This subject experienced a visible reduction in skin redness and a more even, luminous tone throughout the study, providing tangible evidence of i-On By Dr. Xi's efficacy.

Springing Back to Life:

i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream Breathes New Life into Firmness and Elasticity

The Age Disrupting Skin Cream rejuvenates skin firmness and elasticity, bringing back the bounce and spring users crave:

User perceptions of improved elasticity and firmness of skin reached 97% and 90% respectively after 42 days showcasing i-On By Dr. Xi's  effectiveness in restoring and improving these critical skin attributes.

Numbers Don’t Lie:

i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream's Firmness Boost Proven Objectively

The positive perceptions of users about i-On By Dr. Xi's firming power are backed by solid, objective data from expert grading:

Firmness, on average, improved 60% by day 42 while some participants experienced 100% improvement based on expert grading.

Beyond Perception:i-On by Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Cream Quantifies Firmness and Elasticity Triumph

The Age Disrupting Skin Cream not only delivers perceived improvements in firmness and elasticity, but also boasts objective evidence of its effectiveness through bio- instrumental measurements: Skin final distention, a key indicator of firmness, thickness, and tightness, decreased by an average 29% by day 42 with some participants experiencing a 59% decrease. This translates to skin that feels and appears visibly firmer and more compact. Net skin elasticity, a measure of skin's bounce-back ability, experienced an average increase of 43% over the study period with some experiencing an increase of 163% showcasing the cream's potential for dramatic improvements in skin elasticity.