The Evidence

More than 125 years of research shows that iron produces harmful free radicals that can contribute to a number of disease states as well as the visible signs of skin aging.

Results: The Rust is History. Your skin functions more youthfully.

i-On Age Disrupting Skincare with DII® Technology is the only cosmetic product clinically proven to remove excess iron from the surface of the skin and reduce the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles, increase the appearance of elasticity, even skin tone, plump skin, and help hydrate more rapidly.

The results stand up to the most rigorous lab testing

In a 42-day clinical trial, an unprecedented 100% of women saw improvement across every measure in objective, subjective and biomechanical tests 

The Methods:

The Visual Grading Scale

Three trained clinical evaluators graded each study participant on an 11-point intensity grading scale for fine lines, wrinkles, brightness and firmness, and found statistically significant improvements in all evaluated skin parameters when compared to the baseline at each evaluation point.

Skin Hydration

Novameters, which use electroconductivity to measure how much water is in the skin, demonstrated statistically significant increases in skin hydration.

Firmness and Elasticity

Cutometers, which apply suction to the skin to measure its resistance (firmness) and ability to return into its original state (elasticity), demonstrated statistically significant improvement in both measures.