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The Clinicals


i-On® Skincare products are dermatologist-approved and clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity, even skin tone, plump skin and hydrate more rapidly. After a 42-day evaluation period, 100% of study participants reported that skin felt softer and more hydrated while appearing smoother and healthier.

“An Investigation into the Efficacy of an Anti-Aging Face Cream Product.” September 8, 2020. Study Results Report.

Mary Ellen uses i-On Skincare to remove excess iron from her skin.

The Stats:

61 participants

91% of women on day 7 and 100% at final evaluation (day 42) reported:

-      Softer and more hydrated looking skin

-      Smoother looking skin

-      Healthier looking and feeling skin

A microscope.

The Methods:

The Visual Grading Scale

Three trained clinical evaluators graded each study participant on an 11-point intensity grading scale for fine lines, wrinkles, brightness and firmness, and found statistically significant improvements in all evaluated skin parameters when compared to the baseline at every evaluation point.

Skin Hydration

Novameter readings, which use electroconductivity to measure how much water is in the skin, demonstrated statistically significant increases in mean moisturization.

Firmness and Elasticity

Cutometer readings, in which suction is applied to the skin in order to measure the skin’s resistance to suction (firmness) and its ability to return into its original state (elasticity), demonstrated statistically significant improvement in both measures at each evaluation time point.

“People have told me my skin looks youthful, and dewy – at 58! From now on, I will only use i-On® Skin Cream.”
-Sharon, 50s

“The best product I have ever used.” 
-Theresa, 50s

“I saw a difference. I never see a difference!”
-Carol, 50s

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