Ask Dr. Xi: Strong Skin

From Curious: "Everybody makes the same claims about the benefits of their skincare. Curious, how would you describe the i-On® Skincare difference?” 

Dr. Xi: The skincare adjectives. We all know them. We use them all the time to describe skin’s ideal state as well as to enumerate the benefits it gets from various skincare treatments. Glowy. Dewy. Radiant. Clear. Bright. Hydrated.  Smooth. Firm. Fresh. Healthy. Comfortable. Calm. All admirable goals. But I believe the most important pillar of skin should actually be – Strong. Because when skin is strong and healthy, it functions as it should and the rest of those adjectives, well, they just come naturally.   

What exactly is Strong Healthy-looking Skin? It’s skin that hasn’t been compromised or damaged so it can do what it’s meant to do. So how do you keep skin strong?  Let’s start with a little Skinatomy lesson. 

Layers of the skin with arrows pointing at each layer (from outermost layer it is epidermis, dermis, then subcutaneous layer.)

First and foremost, skin is the body’s largest organ. It is composed of three layers. The topmost layer is the epidermis a.k.a. its barrier. When skin’s epidermis is intact, it works beautifully to keep good stuff (like moisture) in and bad stuff (like harmful chemicals, toxins, UV radiation, bacteria, pollutants, and allergens) out. It also acts like a suit of armor to protect your skeletal system, muscles and tissues against injury and harm. 

The dermis sits below the epidermis and contains blood vessels, sweat glands, nerves plus collagen and elastin – the structural protein that contribute to skin’s firmness and elasticity. Beneath the dermis is the subcutaneous layer – composed of fat and connective tissue. It is designed to give your skin its cushion.
Close up of a woman's face with a callout showing a zoomed in image of her epidermis

Today, I want to zone in on the epidermis as it is skin’s first line of defense against the outside worldWhen skin’s epidermis is comprised, skin not only ages faster, it can be exposed to infections. And virtually nothing damages your epidermis more than free radicals. If you are unfamiliar with free radicals, they are naturally-occurring, unstable extra electrons that seek out other extra electrons from healthy cells, damaging them and creating more free radicals in the process. Once unleashed, free radicals not only weaken the epidermis, they break down collagen accelerating the appearance of lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. 

Woman looking in the mirror and touching her face

Deterioration is amplified by the presence of the excess iron in skin that occurs during menopause. While iron is crucial for healthy physiological functions, in excess it is extremely destructiveWhen we are young, our bodies naturally eliminate excess iron through menstruation and exfoliation as a way of eliminating what the body doesn’t need. But as women enter perimenopause and menstruation ends, skin literally begins pumping iron. Iron overload, when exposed to sunlight and environment factors creates free radicals that cause oxidative stress thus accelerating aging. 

To date, the best even the most advanced skincare products can do is “neutralize” free-radicals. In other words, deactivate them with antioxidants. But, they are still there, lurking beneath the surface. No sooner is their activity quelled than an onslaught of new sun exposure, air pollutants and irritants from other sources continually re-excites them, triggering them back into action. It’s a vicious cycle. With little progress made. And once the damage is done, it’s an uphill battle just to get back to neutral. 

i-On Age Disrupting Skin Cream sitting on the counter with the lid offThat’s where my i-On® Age-Disrupting Skincare with DII® comes in. Thanks to an unprecedented technology, it actually helps reduce iron overload on the surface of the skin before it is converted to free radicals. Vitamin C helps release excess iron deposits; Pearl Powder, a natural calcium carbonate clearing agent helps remove residual iron deposits on the surface of the skin before damage is done. Without the need to constantly intercept free radicals, skin-rejuvenating Hyaluronic Acid plus Tetrapeptide-11 can help restore and support collagen as well as improve clarity, softness, tone to improve skin's condition and appearance. Naturally-derived Olive-Based Squalane is a mega-hydrator for long lasting moisture. 
Close up of a woman's face as she puts cream on her cheek

i-On® Age-Disrupting Skincare with DII® is the only skincare today that actually stops oxidation before it starts by disrupting the formation of iron-produced free radicals. Skin appears youthfully strong and health with a resilient appearance.  And those are adjectives that we love to claim.