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Complete Care System

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Experience a new standard in skincare with the i-On By Dr. Xi® Complete Care System. This comprehensive kit brings together four groundbreaking products, each meticulously formulated to address the root cause of aging: excess iron. Discover the transformative power of De-Ironizing Inducer (DII)® Technology, the world's first iron-targeting innovation developed by Dr. Xi, a leading expert in iron biology.

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Cruelty Free
PARABEN & Synthetic Fragance FREE
Silicone, DYE & BHA free

Mineral Oil Free
Gluten & GMO free

Product Details


  • Science Meets Beauty: Dr. Xi's innovative approach combines cutting-edge science with luxurious formulas, redefining skincare as we know it.
  • Addressing the Source of Aging: Say goodbye to superficial solutions. The i-On By Dr. Xi Complete Care System targets excess iron—the root cause of aging—for lasting results.
  • Transformative Synergy: Each product in the kit works synergistically to amplify the effects of DII Technology, ensuring a comprehensive approach to ageless skin health.
  • Gentle yet Effective: Formulated with precision, these products cleanse, hydrate, and rejuvenate without compromising your skin's natural balance.


Rewrite your skin's future with the i-On By Dr. Xi Complete Care System. Embrace a new era of ageless beauty, where science and skincare converge for transformative results.

What's Inside the Kit

  1. i-On By Dr. Xi Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser: Cleanse and conquer dullness with this transformative cleanser. Harnessing nature's iron-binding warrior, Hinokitiol, it clears pores and prepares your skin for the ageless transformation enabled by DII Technology.
  2. i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Total Performance Eye Cream: Illuminate your eyes with this advanced formula. Targeting excess iron with DII Technology, it diminishes dark circles and reveals visible radiance for brighter, younger-looking eyes.
  3. i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Emulsion: Unmask the true culprit of aging with this lightweight emulsion. Infused with DII Technology, it delivers science-backed radiance while providing all-day hydration, synergizing perfectly with the Skin Cream for optimal results.
  4. i-On By Dr. Xi Age Disrupting Skin Cream: Rewrite the rules of aging with this revolutionary cream. Powered by DII Technology, it disrupts aging at its source, removing iron before it wreaks havoc, unveiling radiant clarity and deep hydration for skin that defies time.

Key Ingredients

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