Product Details

  • i-On Skincare’s Age Disrupting Skin Cream is dermatologist-approved and clinically proven to promote youthful-looking skin. In a clinical trial conducted by a leading laboratory in the US, participants who used the product for 42 days reported significant improvement in their skin's brightness, firmness, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. These results were also supported by objective measurements.

  • Blue light, similar to UV rays, contains energy that can degrade ferritin and generate free radicals, leading to oxidative damage and skin aging. The innovative D.I.I.® technology found in i-On® products effectively protects the skin from damage caused by blue light, just as it does for UV rays.
  • To ensure the preservation of the active ingredients and their effectiveness, i-On® products are thoughtfully packaged using airless componentry, providing optimal protection.