Ask Dr. Xi: Sensitive Skin

From Two Questions: "I have sensitive skin. Is i-On® Age Disrupting Skincare good for me? And will it help with the drying, wrinkling and elasticity I’ve been experiencing during menopause?"

Dr. Xi: Good questions! Anyone with sensitive skin knows how stressful trying out new products can be.  You never know when some seemingly innocuous ingredient is going cause flare-ups, redness, rashes, stinging, peeling, itching or other weird and often unexpected adverse reactions.  

Close up of a woman with callouts showing a zoom in of the wrinkles at the corner of her eyes, the dark spots on her cheeks, and the wrinkles at the corner of her mouth.

Unfortunately, your dilemma is compounded by menopause. Decreased estrogen levels combined with increased iron levels that accompany cessation of menstruation and ovarian functions can cause spikes in the production of histamines and irritation and a worsening of your allergic reactions.  Your skin may become even more sensitive, itchy and irritated than usual. You may even notice an increased reaction to temperature changes, certain fabrics, soaps and beauty product.  

What’s more, estrogen stimulates the formation of skin-smoothing collagen and oils. When these hormone levels plummet, your skin’s natural oil lipid production doesn’t just slow down, your skin’s ability to retain moisture is significantly reduced. Moreover, increased iron in the skin leads to more production of oxidants and higher enzymatic activities, such as collagenase-1, an enzyme causing collagen degradation.  Skin can look and feel tighter, drier, thinner and less elastic. Age spots can appear due to increased iron levels – like rust – especially if you’ve spent too much time in the sun without sun protection.

Good news.  All is not lost. Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from my i-On® Age-Disrupting Skincare with DII® technology.  

i-On Age Disrupting Skin Cream sitting on a pedestal.

First of all, i-On® products are dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic and safe for use even on clinically-diagnosed sensitive skin. i-On® Skincare products also contain a neutral pH that should not interfere with most skincare products in your daily regimen. 

As to your dry skin’s lines and wrinkles, my i-On® Age-Disrupting Skincare with DII® technology is clinically proven to address these needs. In clinical studies participants reported that their skin felt softer and more hydrated within one week of use. The majority of study participants also saw a noticeable decrease in fine lines and wrinkles within these first seven days. And after a 42-day evaluation period, participants saw a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles, and 100% reported that skin felt softer and more hydrated while appearing smoother and healthier.

A variety of test tubes and beakers with liquid in them.

To give you an extra level of confidence, here is a list of the key ingredients in i-On® Age-Disrupting Skincare:

De-Ironizing Inducer (DII®): A proprietary blend of reducing agents, and high buffering capacity clearing agents that safely remove excess iron from ferritin in the skin to prevent the formation of free radicals.

Key Peptides: Includes acetyl tetrapeptide-11, which helps skin look and feel healthier, and tetrapeptide-9, which restores skin’s natural support system and stimulates collagen production for smoother, firmer skin.

Different Molecular Weights of Sodium Hyaluronate: Two super-charged forms of skin-replenishing hyaluronic acid formulated to provide deeper and longer-lasting hydration.  A real asset to your increasingly drier skin.

Portulaca Oleracea Extract: An herb with anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties to benefit sensitive and/or allergy-prone skin.

Naturally-Derived, Olive-based Squalane: Squalane, one of skincare’s powerhouse ingredients harvested from olives - actually mimics skin’s natural oils. It also has important emollient properties that can help reduce redness and irritation and helps bolster the skin with an additional moisture barrier.

i-On® Age-Disrupting Skincare is completely free of Formaldehyde, Paraformaldehyde, Methylene glycol, Auaternium-15, Mercury, Dibutyl/diethyl hexyl phthalates, Isobutyl/isopropyl parabens, any member of the family of toxic chemicals known as PFAS, and M- and o-phenylenediamine.

A woman with her head tilt as she puts i-On Age Disrupting Skin Cream on her cheek.

We do not recommend i-On® Age-Disrupting Skincare if you currently use a product containing 2% salicylic acid or higher or most retinol products, as there is an increased chance of skin irritation.  That said, if you have sensitive skin, odds are you cannot tolerate these harsh products at all.

Still concerned? Patch tests are an easy way to determine if you may experience any initial reaction. Here’s how to conduct your own patch test.

  • Apply a small amount of the product onto a clean area of skin on the upper forearm.
  • Keep the area dry.
  • If any redness, burning, itching or irritation is observed at any time throughout the test, discontinue use.

All i-On® products are dermatologist-tested to be safe and effective when used as directed, but if your skin does have a reaction, we recommend stopping use and contacting your dermatologist. If you determine that i-On® products are not a good match for your skincare needs, you can return the products to the company for a full refund. 

Your sensitive skin will look and feel sensational. And that’s a promise.