Menopause and Skin Aging: The Iron Invasion!

Menopause and Skin Aging: The Iron Invasion!

Imagine the menopausal stage as a dramatic transformation where your body experiences a whirlwind of changes, and your skin is no exception. While hormones often take the blame for these shifts, there's a new character in this story – iron! That's right, iron is making a grand entrance in your skin's narrative, and we're here to unravel the mysteries behind this unexpected twist, along with the groundbreaking intervention by i-On Skincare.

Understanding Iron's Sneaky Role:

Iron, that essential element we all rely on, usually behaves itself. But during menopause, as estrogen levels take a nosedive, iron levels start to rise. This leaves us pondering: what's iron cooking up in your skin during this hormonal rollercoaster?

Meet Ferritin – The Iron Safe:

Think of ferritin as your body's trusty iron vault. It can store thousands of iron atoms and takes up residence in your skin. Recent research hints that ferritin might be up to some shenanigans, especially when confronted by that notorious troublemaker, UV radiation. So, let's dive in and uncover whether postmenopausal women are hosting a ferritin fiesta in their skin and how this shakes up the world of skin aging.

The Thrilling Discoveries:

Our team embarked on an investigative journey, studying skin samples from both premenopausal and postmenopausal women, and the revelations were nothing short of astounding:

  1. Iron Invasion: Postmenopausal skin was hiding an average of 42% more ferritin than premenopausal skin. It seems like menopause is throwing an iron party in your skin!
  2. Wound Woes: Remember Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)? Well, postmenopausal skin had 45% less of it, which is bad news for wound healing and skin health. It's like your skin's superhero decided to take a break.
  3. Oxidative Oops: Postmenopausal skin also took a hit in the Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) department, with a 34% decrease. This means your skin might be feeling a bit vulnerable to oxidative stress – not cool!

The Plot Twist:

Hold onto your seats because we stumbled upon a jaw-dropping revelation. Skin cells, those normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK), were hiding a secret. They boasted shockingly high ferritin levels, akin to those iron-rich human liver cancer cells. It's like they're running their very own underground iron club!

What's Next with i-On Skincare:

These findings turn the tables on the conventional belief that estrogen alone is responsible for skin aging during menopause. Iron is clearly stirring up some trouble, especially when UV rays join the party. But fear not, we're not leaving you hanging. We're delving deeper into why skin cells are hoarding iron in ferritin and how this impacts your skin's journey through aging. And guess what? i-On Skincare is leading the charge as the world's first and only company capable of removing iron from the skin. Since iron is the driving force behind oxidant formation, taking it away is one step ahead of antioxidants. For more information, please visit

Looking Forward:

The future is looking bright! Understanding the enigmatic world of iron storage in the skin might lead us to groundbreaking ways of maintaining skin health and combatting those sneaky age-related changes that show up during menopause. We're talking about strategies to put that excess iron in check!

In a nutshell, menopause isn't just about hormones; iron has a significant role to play too! It's time to decode this iron invasion and find ways to keep your skin radiant and healthy as you embrace this new phase of life, with a little help from i-On Skincare!

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